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Mississippi State University Department ofPHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY

Society of Physics Students (SPS)

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Nic Ezzell
Vice President:
Randy Niffenegger
Bryson Krause
Macy Mallory

About the Chapter

The Society of Physics Students is a part of Mississippi State University's Physics and Astronomy Department and a daughter organization of the American Institute of Physics; our region is known as Zone 10 of the general society. The goal of the SPS is to associate undergraduate students and graduate students from all areas of physics and astronomy. Our local chapter is based out of the Rundel Reading Room, the physics undergraduates' study room.

The Society of Physics Students at MSU invites all interested parties to come to either of the biweekly meetings in the Rundel Room (Hilbun Hall, room 252):

  • Tea: at 4:15 pm on alternate Wednesday afternoons, students and faculty members discuss current research, recent articles, and possible opportunities for collaboration. Refreshments are served and the public is invited.
  • Chapter Meetings: at 7:30 pm on the other Wednesdays, Society members discuss outreach programs, regional conferences, and possible activities. Occasionally these regular meetings are replaced with the activities (i.e. movie night, special speaker, etc).

For further information about events, please contact an officer or Dr. Dipangkar Dutta (SPS faculty advisor).


*Physics Tea Schedule coming soon.