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Mississippi State University Department ofPHYSICS AND ASTRONOMY

Testimonials from Former Students

Brad Barlow, Class of 2006

"Nearly a year away from obtaining a PhD in astrophysics, I look back at my student career and realize what an important role the MSU Physics Department played in getting me to where I am. The superb classroom instruction and one-on-one training I received at MSU gave me the tools necessary to excel in graduate school next to students from more well-know and prestigious institutions. More importantly, the research opportunities given to me as an undergraduate taught me the principles of scientific research and the methods of analytical thinking that form the foundation of the astrophysical research I do today. I am proud to have been a 'physics' Bulldog."


P. Andrew Anderson, Class of 2007

"I really value the time I had in the physics department at Mississippi State. The department provides an ideal environment for learning and growing. Wonderful and caring faculty, an amazing study space, and opportunities for outreach and research are just a small sample of my experiences there."