Physics Summer Camp for Students with ASD

JUNE 6 - 10, 2022


Howell Observatory Group

The Physics Summer Camp for Students with ASD is designed for individuals on the Autism spectrum. Participants will enjoy five days of hands-on activities on topics ranging from electricity to astronomy with afternoon excursions to local facilities/businesses related to the day's topics and evening social activities with lodging in the MSU dorms! Each day, including lectures, activities, and the excursion, will focus on a single topic. There will be a one-to-one camper-to-counselor ratio, half of which are affiliated with the Autism and Development Disabilities Clinic (and 3 will be staying in the dorms overnight!)

Camp is FREE to all participants, with some travel stipends available, too!

Physics Summer Camp eligibility:

  • 14 years or older
  • Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Strong desire to enroll in Physics Summer Camp
  • Able to administer medications and hygienic essentials independently
  • Able to understand and communicate verbally
  • No recent history of concerns toward self or others
  • Submit a completed application.

Applications open NOW. The application window will close on May 19. APPLY NOW!
Contact Kathryn McTaggart for more information:

Tentative Agenda

(For best viewing on mobile, rotate your phone to view in landscape, or you may download the Excel file here.)

Time Sunday, June 5 Monday, June 6 Tuesday, June 7 Wednesday, June 8 Thursday, June 9 Friday, June 10 Saturday, June 11
7:00   Wake up Wake up Wake up Wake up Wake up Wake up
8:00   Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
8:30   Hilbun Introduction
9:00   Electricity Lecture Aerospace Lecture Astronomy Lecture Nuclear Physics Lecture Intro to Physics Olympics Close Out: MSU info/ Goody Bag
10:00   Snack Break Snack Break Snack Break Snack Break Snack Break Pick up
10:30   Hands on Demo Hands on Demo Hands on Demo Hands on Demo Physics Olympics
11:30   Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:00   Intro to high voltage generation Raspet Flight Research Laboratory Tour Travel Time to Rainwater Observatory Institute for Clean Energy Technology Tour Physics Olympics  
14:00 Drop Off High Voltage Lab Tour Rainwater Observatory Tour  
14:30 Snack Break  
15:00 Snack Break Snack Break Snack Break Physics Olympics + Debrief + Results and Awards  
15:30 Hands on Demo Part 2 Hands on Demo Part 2 Hands on Demo Part 2  
16:00 Travel Time from Rainwater Observatory  
16:30 Dorm Time Dinner Dinner  
17:00 Introduction Dinner  
17:30 Ice breaker Dinner Gym night: Racket Ball: Nutrition and Gym Lecture Movie Night Catered Dinner  
18:00 Dinner Ice Cream Bar  
18:30 VR Lab Activity VR Activity  
19:00 Pokemon Go Tour  
19:30 Star Gazing Activity  
20:30 Dorms  
21:00 Dorm Dorm Dorm  
21:30 Dorm Dorm  


If you have questions or problems with the application form below, please contact us!

Want to apply?

Application Submission Options:

There are two options:

  1. Fill out this web form below.
  2. Download the PDF linked below to fill it out later and submit later.

PDF Application

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Webform Application

For this web form, first, please provide the contact information for two people that would recommend you:

Camper Skills Requirements

Can the camper independently engage in daily self care, i.e. dressing, showering, maintaining dorm room?

What to Bring to Camp

  • Recent photo of the Camp Applicant(s).
  • Copy of current insurance cards.
  • Campers will need to bring items on "What to Pack" list.

Summer Camper Information

Parent Contact Information

Camper Health History

If your camper requires medication, is he/she able to administer it independently and without reminders?
If your camper has any allergies or a severe allergic reaction that we should know about, please explain what your camper is allergic to, the typical reaction, and what treatment is needed.
Does your camper have emergency medications, i.e. Epipen, inhaler, seizer medications? If yes, please list the medication and its purpose.
Where is the medication kept with the camper?
Does your camper have any dietary needs or restrictions? If yes, please explain:
If your camper has any daily routines that we should know about, please describe them here:
Does your camper have any triggers or stimuli that we need to be aware of?
What is a comfort or calming aid for your camper?
Does your camper have a registered service animal that will be attending camp with them? If yes, please make sure to review MSU's Policy regarding service animals prior to arriving at camp:
If a medical emergency occurs, can appropriate medical attention be sought on behalf of the camper?

Application Agreement

In order to be eligible for the Physics Summer Camp for Students with ASD campers must meet the requirements stated in the application and the following documents must be submitted to Physics and Astronomy. Please select "I agree" to indicate that you understand and accept the camp application requirements:

  1. Physics Summer Camp Application
  2. I understand and agree that a parent/guardian is required to stay in Starkville, MS for the duration of camp in case of unforeseen circumstances.

You must agree to the Application Agreement to proceed!