Angelle Tanner

Angelle Tanner

Angelle Tanner

Associate Professor

235 Hilbun Hall
Mississippi State, MS 39762


  • PhD., University of California, Los Angeles, 2004
  • BS., University of Arizona, 1996


Research Interests

Dr. Tanner has been interested in finding habitable planets outside our solar system since she was quite young. Her research is focused on multiple methods of extrasolar planet detection including using radial velocities, astrometry and direct imaging. She is also involved in research programs devoted to understanding the properties of the stars around which we are looking for planets. These properties include a star's size, rotational velocity, activity and whether it has a dusty debris disk. By knowing the architecture of planetary systems as well as the properties of their host stars, we also learn more about how those planets formed and evolved and how many similar systems exist in our Galaxy. Dr. Tanner hopes to be a primary contributor to the inevitable discovery of life on a nearby, Earth-like planet.

Selected Publications

  • "The Solar Neighborhood XXVIII: The Multiplicity Fraction of Nearby Stars from 5 to 70 AU and the Brown Dwarf Desert Around M Dwarfs," ", Dieterich, S., Henry, T., Golimowski, D., Krist, J., Tanner, A.,2012, ApJ, in press
  • "NIRSPEC RV Planet Search Survey of Young Stars", Bailey, J., White, R., Tanner, A., et al., 2012, ApJ, 749, 16
  • "High Resolution Spectroscopy of HD 69830", Beichman, C., Tanner, A., et al., 2011,ApJ, 743, 85
  • "Is the Intrinsic Variability of M dwarfs a Barrier to Detecting Earth-mass Planets?", Tanner, A., 2010, Proceedings of Cool Stars 16, Seattle WA, Aug 28-Sept 2
  • "HST and Spitzer Observations of the HD 207129 Debris Ring", Krist, J., Spapelfeldt, K., Bryden, G., Rieke, G., Su, K., Chen, C., Beichman, C., Hines, D., Rebull, L.,
  • Tanner, A., et al. 2010, AJ, 140, 1051
  • "A High Contrast Imaging Survey of SIM Lite Planet Search Targets", Tanner, A., Law, N., Gelino, C., 2010, PASP, 122, 1195
  • "Accurate Coordinate and 2MASS Cross Identifications for (Almost) all Gliese Catalog Stars", Stauffer, J., Tanner, A., et al., PASP, 2010, 122, 885