Mark A. Novotny

Mark A. Novotny

Mark A. Novotny

Department Head and Professor, Computational Physics

131A Hilbun Hall
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Dr. Mark Novotny is a Professor and Head of the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Mississippi State University.

Graduate Students

Teaching Areas

  • PH 1133 General Physics III
  • PH 2233-H01 Honors Physics III
  • PH 4000 Directed Individual Study
  • PH 4723 Applications of Quantum Mechanics
  • PH 4990 Quantum Computing


  • Ph. D., Physics, Stanford University, 1978
  • B.S., Physics, North Dakota State University, 1973


  • 2001-present: Professor and Department Head, Mississippi State University
  • 2002-2005: Director, High Performance Computing Collaboratory (HPC2), Mississippi State University
  • 1991-2001: Scholar/Scientist, Supercomputer Computations Research Institute (SCRI), Florida State University
  • 1988-1991: Associate Scholar/Scientist, SCRI, Florida State University
  • 1986-1988: Senior Scientist, IBM Bergen Scientific Centre, Norway
  • 1981-1986: Assistant Professor, Northeastern University
  • 1979-1981: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Georgia
  • 1978-1979: Lecturer/Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Georgia
  • 1974-1978: Research Assistant, Stanford University

Research Interests

  • Quantum computing; algorithm development; parallelization of algorithms; high performance computing
  • Computational materials; nanomaterials; magnetic materials; electrochemisty; transport through materials


  • Mark Novotny, Gyorgy Korniss, "Fully scalable computer architecture," United States Patent #6,996,504; G06F 30/20 (Feb 7 2006).

Publication Impact

Total number of publications 205
Physical Review Letters 10
Europhysics Letters 2
Science 1
Physical Review 3
Physical Review B 33
Physical Review E 23
Physical Review Applied 1

Selected Invited Presentations

Qubits 2018, D-Wave Users Conference, Knoxville, TN

Classical and Noncommutative Boltzmann Machines: An Update from the Magnolia State, Sept. 2018.

42nd International Conference of Theoretical Physics: Correlation and Coherence at Different Scales, Ustron, Poland

How to Approach a Quantum Dragon, Sept. 2018.

Canary Center at Stanford, Stanford, CA

Quantum Computing: All Hype or Huge Advance?, Jan. 2018.

Honors/Professional Activities

  • 2016-2017: Fulbright Distinguished Chair award
  • 2013 designated William L. Giles Distinguished Professor, highest honorary distinction awarded to Mississippi State University faculty
  • 2013 Elected Fellow of AAAS, Physics Division
  • 2012 Dynasty Foundation Visiting Scientist
  • 2011 selected as ‘Outstanding Referee’ by the American Physical Society

Research Interests

Computational Physics, Algorithm Development, Statistical Mechanics, Metastability, Computational Materials, Parallelization of Algorithms, Dynamics of Materials, Non-equilibrium Surface Growth and Networks, Nanoscale Materials and Devices.