Undergraduate Degree Requirements

The course requirements for a physics degree from Mississippi State University include University, College of Arts and Sciences, and Department of Physics and Astronomy requirements. Before you will be allowed to graduate, all of these requirements must be met. A B.S. degree in Physics requires at least 124 hours with at least 248 quality points. In addition, one must maintain a C average in his/her physics courses. Current requirements can be found on the
Registrar's web page.

A minor in physics may be earned by satisfactory completion of twelve hours of physics at the 3000 level or above. The courses should be selected in consultation with a physics advisor.

English Composition

Two three hour courses taken from EN 1103, 1163 (one course) and EN 1113 or 1173 (one course).

Foreign Language

The B.S. degree requires 2nd semester proficiency in a foreign language, normally fulfilled by a two course sequence (6 hours) of FL 1113 and 1123.

Public Speaking

A three hour course (CO 1003). (Air Force ROTC students may substitute AS 3013 and AS 3023.)

Fine Arts

One three hour course chosen from AAS 1103, ARC 1013, ART 1023, ART 1113, CO 1503, HON 3173, MU 1103, MU 1113, MU 1123, MU 1133, MU 3023, or PE 1323.


Two three hour courses, one in Literature (AAS 2363, EN 2203, EN 2213, EN 2223, EN 2243, EN 2253, EN 2273, or EN 2283) and one in History (HI 1003, HI 1013, HI 1063, HI 1073, HI 1163, HI 1173, HI 1213, HI 1223, HI 1313, HI 1323, AAS/HI 3013, or AAS/HI 3023).

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Two three hour courses, each from a different discipline. Courses may be chosen from AN 1103, AN 1143, AN 1543, AN 2403, CO 1223, CO 1403, EC 1033, EC 2113, EC 2123, GR 1123, GR 2013, HON 1173, HON 3143, PS 1113, PS 1313, PS 1513, PSY 1013, PSY 3073, SO 1003, SO 1103, or SO 1203.

Computer Literacy

One three hour course. The Physics Department suggests CSE 1233, but also accepts CSE 1284.

Junior/Senior Writing

One three hour course (GE 3513).

Mathematics and Statistics

Two three hour courses. This is satisfied by the physics Department requirements to complete MA 1713, 1723, 2733, 2743, 3113, 3253, and 3353. The Physics/Pre-Medical curriculum allows substituting another course for MA 3353.

Natural Sciences

Three courses, two of which must include a laboratory component. Basic courses in Chemistry CH(1211, 1213, 1221, 1223) and Physics PH(1063, 2213, 2223, 2233, 3613) easily satisfy this requirement for all physics majors.