PH2213 - Physics I

Catalog Data

Three hours lecture. Calculus-based course emphasizing Newtonian mechanics and conservation laws.

Prerequisites By Topic

Thorough knowledge of algebra and trigonometry and at least completion of MA 1713(Calculus 1)


To develop the student's conceptual understanding of kinematics, Newtonian dynamics, conservation of momentum, conservation of energy, and rotational dynamics. To develop the student's problem solving skills in those areas.

Topics Covered

  1. Measurement and Units
  2. One-Dimensional Kinematics
  3. Vectors
  4. Two-Dimensional Kinematics
  5. Newton's Laws and Applications
  6. Work and Energy
  7. Conservation of Energy
  8. Collisions and Momentum
  9. Rotational Dynamics
  10. Statics and Elasticity