PH2223 - Physics II

Catalog Data

Two hours lecture, one hour recitation, two hours laboratory. Calculus-based introduction to gravitation, electricity and magnetism. Laboratory emphasizes concepts of force and motion, conservation laws, and simple electrical circuits. Honors section available.

Prerequisites By Topic

PH 2213 and MA 1723(Calculus 2)


To develop the student's conceptual understanding of electricity, magnetism, and gravitation and to develop the student's problem solving skills in those areas.

Topics Covered

  1. Gravitation
  2. Coulomb's Law
  3. Electric fields
  4. Electric potential
  5. Capacitance
  6. Ohm's Law
  7. DC circuits
  8. Magnetic force laws
  9. Ampere's and Biot-Savart Laws
  10. Magnetic fields
  11. Faraday's Law
  12. Inductance
  13. AC circuits