PH2233 - Physics III

Catalog Data

Two hours lecture, one hour recitation, two hours laboratory. Calculus-based course in simple harmonic motion, waves, optics and an introduction to modern physics. Laboratory emphasizes optics and electronics.

Prerequisites By Topic

Completion and Passing of PH 2223


To develop the student's conceptual understanding of simple harmonic motion, waves, sound, optics, and topics in modern physics and to develop the student's problem solving skills in those areas.

Topics Covered

  1. Oscillatory Motion
  2. Waves Motion
  3. Sound Waves
  4. Superposition and Standing Waves
  5. Electromagnetic Waves
  6. Nature of Light and Laws of Geometrical Optics
  7. Geometrical Optics
  8. Interference of Light Waves
  9. Diffraction and Polarization
  10. Introduction to Quantum Physics
  11. Quantum Mechanics
  12. Atomic Physics
  13. Nuclear Structure
  14. Fission and Fusion