PH4033/6033 - Demonstrations and Concepts for Physics Teachers I

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Two hours lecture, three hours laboratory. Topics are those normally covered in first semester high school physics. Equal emphasis on theory, problems, demonstrations, and laboratory.

Prerequisites By Topic

At least two semesters of introductory college physics


This course is designed to help future and in-service physics teachers by improving their basic knowledge of physics and by providing them with ideas for laboratory exercises and demonstrations. Each class will include some review of key ideas and problem solving techniques from introductory mechanics. It will also provide some laboratory practice. Some time will be allotted for preparing and practicing inexpensive hands-on activities and demonstrations of important concepts.

Topics Covered

  • Math Review
  • Velocity and Acceleration, 1-D motion
  • Forces and Laws of Motion
  • Vectors and Vector Math
  • 2-D Motion and Circular Motion
  • Motion due to Gravitation
  • Satellites and Weightlessness, Center of Mass and Torque
  • Momentum and Impulse
  • Work, Simple Machines, Power
  • Energy Conservation and Conversion