PH4113/6113 - Electronic Circuits for Scientists

Catalog Data

Two hours lecture and three hours laboratory. DC and AC circuits. Resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and transistors in basic analog circuits. Topics include filters, tuned circuits, power supplies, amplifiers and oscillators.

Prerequisites By Topic

MA 2733 and PH 1133 or PH 2223(Physics classes that cover electricity and magnetism topics and applications)


A look into circuit components and applications in terms of students having a rigorous physics background.

Topics Covered

  1. Direct Current Circuits
  2. Capacitors and Inductors
  3. Alternating Current Circuits
  4. AC Circuits
  5. Diodes and other applications
  6. Test Equipment and Measurement
  7. Transducers
  8. Transistors
  9. Operational Amplifiers
  10. Waveform Generators