PH4213/6213 - Intermediate Mechanics

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Three hours lecture. Plane statics and dynamics of particles and systems of particles with emphasis on both derivation and application of principles involved.

Prerequisites By Topic

PH 1133 or PH 2233 AND MA 2733(Calculus 3).


This course is an in depth study of particle dynamics and kinematics in one, two and three dimensions. Other important topics include the oscillatory motion, central force motion, and particle systems. Particular emphasis will be placed on the development of abilities of solving problems quantitatively using advanced mathematical tools, such as integration and differentiation, differential equations, series expansion, vector analysis and vector calculus, and coordinate transformations.

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction to Newtonian Mechanics
  2. Particle Dynamics in One Dimension
  3. Harmonic Oscillators
  4. Oscillating Systems
  5. Vector Analysis, Vector Operators, and Transformations
  6. Motion in Two and Three Dimensions
  7. Central Force
  8. Systems of Particles: Conservation Laws and Collisions