PH4613/6613 - Nuclear and Particle Physics

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Three hours lecture. Special theory of relativity; nuclear structure; radioactivity; nuclear reactions; nuclear forces; fission; fusion; high energy particle and astrophysics. Experimental apparatuses and techniques.

Prerequisites By Topic

PH 3613


To give students an introduction to nuclear and particle physics. The course will cover the following topics: nuclear properties, radioactive decay, nuclear structure, nuclear forces, nuclear reactions, fission, fusion, particle physics, nuclear astrophysics, experimental apparatuses and techniques.

Topics Covered

  1. Review of Quantum Mechanics
  2. Nuclear Properties, Forces, and Models
  3. Radioactive Decay and Radiation Detection
  4. Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Decay
  5. Nuclear Reactions and Fission
  6. Accelerators
  7. Nuclear Astrophysics
  8. Particle Physics