PH4713/6713 - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

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Three hours lecture. Principles of quantum mechanics, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, angular momentum; the Schrdinger wave equation in one and three dimensions; the one-electron atom.

Prerequisites By Topic

PH 3613 AND MA 3253(Differential Equations)


Investigations into the nature and applications of Quantum mechanics and related topics.

Topics Covered

  1. Limits of Classical Physics
  2. Wave Packets and the Uncertainty Relations
  3. The Schrodinger Wave Equation and the Probability Interpretation
  4. Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions
  5. One-Dinemsional Potentials
  6. The General Structure of Wave Mechanics
  7. Operator Methods in Quantum Mechanics
  8. N-Particle Systems
  9. The Schrodinger Equation in Three Dimensions